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At Artcipation, we share the historical transformative power of Art to drive impactful value shifts across industries.

We expose Business Leaders to leading contemporary artists, challenging them to innovate and transform their industries.

Through Art, we inspire Business Leaders to refine their management skills with acumen, foster visionary thinking, and mobilize stakeholders with purpose, all while embracing a fresh new language.

Additionally, we believe that Art also provides Leaders an opportunity to strengthen bonds, within the business community, society, and their own family and friends.

Join us as we delve into the profound impact of Art on business, offering understandable and captivating experiences that enrich professional lives and overall well-being.

Give yourself a chance and test us.

Artcipation by Jose

Jose Taboada

at the Bourse de Commerce – Pinault Collection in Paris

I’m not your average mining engineer. Evolving into a versatile professional, I’ve gained experience in mining, investment banking, strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship. As an International Strategy Consultant, I’ve led corporate solutions across diverse countries and industries.

I began shaping Articipation, a project that blends my management skills with my passion for art, after a challenging sabbatical year for reflection and growth—a  period that coincidentally commenced mere weeks before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic  and reached its zenith with unexpected surgery, using the Da Vinci Robot. The name Da Vinci was purely coincidental, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Articipation aims to cultivate the development and societal recognition of business leaders while amplifying the influence of artists within this realm.

At a personal level, Articipation brings immense joy and purpose as I prepare for an active retirement. It embodies the content I wished I had encountered earlier in my career.

The project also aligns with my criteria for this stage of my life: enjoyment, control & flexibility over time and location to visit my daughters abroad, meeting new people, international reach, minimal financial risk, and potential profitability one day.

I embrace this challenge with the determination and tenacity of an entrepreneur or a disruptive artist. Fully aware of some disbelief in the influence of art on business leadership and potential skepticism due to my non-art background. Yet, my experience shows that true innovation often thrives on fresh outside-in perspectives and multidisciplinary collaboration.

I welcome you to join me on this captivating journey as we navigate the rich narratives of both past and present pivotal moments in art, revealing insights that intertwine with business leadership in an engaging and accessible manner!

I express gratitude to three inspirations for initiating Artcipation:

– Will Gompertz, former Tate Gallery Director and BBC Arts Editor, who simplifies modern art complexities;

– Darren Walker, Ford Foundation President, who underscores art’s role in fostering leaders’ humanity; and

– Cristina Guerra, an art gallerist and fixture at top International Art Fairs, recognized for her tenacity in entrepreneurship, contemporary art expertise, and… patience with me.

Jose Taboada – Artcipation Founder

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